The Religion of Islam:The Qur’an’s Essential Notion of Din

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The Drama of Divine Providence: Reflections on the Problem of Evil

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Re-Reading Mulla Sadra on the Intersection of Cognition and Emotion

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Clement of Alexandria and His Doctrine of Scripture

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Mani’s Living Gospel: A New Approach to the Arabic and Classical New Persian Testimonia

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Mulla Sadra on Virtue and Action

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Zahra Khazaei

Psychoanalytic Theories of Religion in Protestant Contexts

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Fatima Tofighi

Survey of Islamic International Relations in Prophetic Tradition

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Marriage in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

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The Shiite Pluralistic Position on Human Cloning

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Concepts and Strategies for Internalizing Religious Moderation Values among the Millennial Generation in Indonesia

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Human Freedom and Moral Responsibility In The Light of Theistic Beliefs

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Qudratullah Qurbani