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Religious Peace Building: Prospects and Challenges

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Special Issue Editor


Professor YOON, Yong Su 

Guest Editor

Arabic Linguistics Director, Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Busan University of Foreign Studies
South Korea

 Email: kalid@bufs.ac.kr

Research Fields: Arabic Sociolinguistics, Arab Area Studies, Mediterranean Studies

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Embark on a scholarly journey with the upcoming edition of the Journal of Religious Inquiries, where we delve into the dynamic theme of "Religious Peace Building: Prospects and Challenges." Explore a myriad of engaging . Your insights are crucial in shaping a more harmonious world.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

·         Harmony Unveiled: Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation

·         Bridging Divides: The Synergy of Technology in Religious Peace Building

·         Guiding Lights: Religious Leadership's Role in Peace Initiatives

·         Echoes of Peace: Historical Perspectives on Religious Conflict Resolution

·         Youth Catalysts: Fostering Harmony Through Interreligious Engagement

·         Navigating Obstacles: Challenges in Implementing Religious Peace Building Strategies

·         Women as Architects: Shaping Religious Peace Building

·         Enlightening Minds: The Role of Education in Religious Tolerance

·         Freedom's Symphony: Religious Freedom's Impact on Peace

·         Global Harmony: Collaborative Endeavors in Religious Peace Building

Join us in unraveling the nuances of religious peace building. Submit your groundbreaking research and contribute to the global discourse on fostering understanding, tolerance, and unity among diverse religious communities. Submit your research papers now and be part of this transformative dialogue.

Professor YOON, Yong Su 

Guest Editor


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Manuscripts should be submitted online at https://ri.urd.ac.ir/ 

 For more information, please visit https://ri.urd.ac.ir/journal/authors.note