A Chronological Bibliography of ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī’s Works on Theology (Kalām)

Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor, Department of Theological Denominations, University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, 13357, Iran


ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī was undoubtedly a brilliant scholar over the Shiite history, who was praised by both his friends and his enemies. At his time, most courtiers of the Mongol king were fanatic Sunnis, and the Mongols did not have adequate insight into Shiism. ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī wrote many books about Islamic jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, and in particular, Shiite theology or kalām, which left significant impacts on the prevalent atmosphere of the time. He wrote many books on theology, each of which can be studied on its own. In this article, I overview twenty-nine theological works by ʿAllāma al-Ḥillī given the dates of their writing. 
The chronological order is crucial here, because I believe that he wrote the works due to the requirements and demands of his time. His works took on the color of his time and context. This is important for the methodology of theology in our time, since by deploying his method and simulating the present context, we can produce efficient works of theology for today’s requirements.