A Reflection on Social Darwinism and Its Repercussions

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty of MIU

2 , Shahed University, Department of Sociology



The world today accommodates many communities, consisting of various cultures with their distinct and similar characteristics. Nevertheless, It seems that, despite the alleged globalization which is supposed to bring people around the world closer to one another, theological and philosophical kinds of beliefs as well as the variety of norms have failed to achieve this goal, and in consequence, people are still distant from each other. Finding the roots and providing theoretical philosophical analyses of such tensions, as well as the social repercussions of the philosophical views, will present us with a context in which the problem is illuminated. The social approach to the Darwinian theory of transformism is one such theory that provides philosophical and social contexts for such aversion of others. In this paper, we draw upon the analytic-descriptive method to collect data and documents to examine the philosophical and theological aspects, and then the social aspects, of this approach. We conclude that social Darwinism is not only a threat to cultural interrelations and peaceful coexistence of ethnicities, religions, and races, but also a threat to the world by encouraging racism, radical nationalism, and ethnical and religious supremacy, providing scientific justifications for such manners and habits.


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