Rationality and the Crisis of Meaning: Confrontation between Science and Religion in Consciousness Sphere

Document Type : Research Paper


Ph.D. graduated in the Study of Religion,Department of Religion Study, Faculty of Religions, University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, Iran.


The crisis of meaning, as one of the characteristics of modern world, was investigated mainly from a philosophical perspective considering necessary and sufficient conditions of the meaning of life, without regard to crucial social transformations of modern era, which led to this crisis. Focusing on the process of changes in knowledge and consciousness, here I show that in modern world as a result of developments in science, for the first time the natural or scientific consciousness seriously confronts supernatural or religious consciousness. The argument is that as a result of this plurality of consciousness, the basic characteristics of man, i.e., identity, self and rationality have changed. The main idea of this article is that based on such an explanation of the crisis of meaning in which consciousness and knowledge are pivotal, the solution resides in reconsidering modern rationality in order for these two consciousness to be united and the crisis to be cured.


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