The Content of Mystical Experience of Brahman-World Relation in Upanishads Based on Ibn Arabi’s Nondelimited Oneness of Being

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Theology and Religions, Shahid Beheshti University


The Upanishads incorporate different interpretations of the relation between Brahman and the world, giving cause to some to deny the existence of a unique philosophical doctrine in these texts on the strength of such differences. This article aims to note the internal consistency in the Upanishads with a view to analyzing their content in the words of Ibn Arabi and his interpreters about the doctrine of the nondelimited oneness of being. For him, being is endowed with nondelimited oneness and the world and multiple existent things limit this absolute reality, and this unique truth manifests itself within their framework and therefore it has obtained multiplicity at the level of manifestation. In mystical experiences, when a mystic unites himself with God, he would either witness the oneness of being and introduces the world as God or consider multiplicity in the heart of oneness and therefore find the world different from him. If we consider various Upanishadic phrases as some expressions of such dual perspectives, then we will find a more precise understanding of and we will have sufficient reasons to accept their internal consistency


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