A Critical Analysis of Graham Oppy's View on the Arguments about God

Document Type : Research Paper


1 philosophy. faculty of theology. Qom university, Qom.Iran

2 Department of Philosophy and Islamic Theology,University of Qom,Qom,Iran


Graham Oppy is an analytical philosopher in the contemporary era. He confirms the rationality of theistic beliefs, as well as non-theistic belief, but he does not consider them successful for arguing about or against God. A successful argument in general is one which ought to persuade all reasonable persons who have reasonable views about this subject. His basic criterion for the success of an argument is to convince all reasonable persons who previously denied or neutralized to its conclusion. The current study tries to answer the question that: Is the Oppy’s standard acceptable to provide a satisfactory argument, and what challenges are ahead of this standard? The result of the study shows that his criterion, based on which all the traditional arguments for the existence of God are not successful, is pessimistic and self-defeating, because Oppy could not provide a succeeding argument for the correctness of his standard. It seems that he is propagating agnosticism, with a vague criterion, regardless of the difference between rational reason and argument from the common sense (sound judgment argument), and defending a kind of strong rationalism


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