understanding the text what and how

Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor, Imam Khomeini (RA) Educational and Research Institute, Iran.


To explain the nature of understanding the text and how it occurs, its lexical and idiomatic meanings, it deserves mention that there is a difference between understanding and science. Understanding is devoted to science. Science is divided into two parts: presented science, and acquired science. Upon a philosophical interpretation of hermeneutics, there comes a new definition and interpretation of truth like that of pragmatism. Meanwhile, in traditional interpretation, the truth is mentioned as the accommodation with reality. This is because philosophical hermeneutics is influenced by the thoughts of idealism as derived from the traditional German philosophy, hence its a new interpretation of truth. Wherever ‘understanding’ is mentioned, the specific truth of existence would also be revealed. Likewise, Muslim scholars have preserved the traditional interpretation of truth, associated with reality. But when Muslim philosophers talk about the truth as an accommodation of reality and understanding and minding of accommodation with speech, their meaning is concerned with material reality beyond that of the mind. From a philosophical hermeneutic view, understanding is impossible without presupposition and pre-judgment exercised by readers or audiences. In sum, this paper clarifies the related discussion of understanding which provides further insight in communicating with religious and sacred texts


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