Symbol Mystery Language in the Eyes of Muslim Philosophers

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Man employs different methods to transfer his ideas and intentions. In cases where he perceives his audiences are competent enough to understand and comprehend his words or writings, moreover, he feels sure that there is no kind of prejudice or misunderstanding on the part of the audience, he will speak directly and avoid figurative or ambiguous language. In contrast, if he feels or predicts the opposite, he will adopt another method, and express his meaning implicitly under the veil of allusions, symbols, and allegories. Some believe symbol mystery (ramz) language is exclusively employed in mathematics and mysticism to express their own objectives, however, in this article, the application of this language in philosophy has been explained, and demonstrated why Muslim philosophers used this kind of language. To the best of the author's knowledge, this is the first time to date that the reasons and the considerations that the philosophers used this kind of language are studied.


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