Explanation and Criticism of Augustine's Viewpoint of Angels

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1 Science and Research Branch.Islamic Azad university.

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3 University of Qom



The current essay is devoted to the study of the ideas of Saint Augustine regarding the issue of angels the main basis and source of which is The City of God, one of the most influential works of Augustine and a synopsis of the foundations of angelology in the era of Church Fathers. Augustine discusses such issues as the eternity and emergency of the angels and their spiritual and luminal creation and according to him, angels enjoy free will and therefore are divided into two groups of good angels and bad angels and former group is the basis of the formation of The City of God. According to Augustine, angels do not have any role in creation and everything is an immediate creature of God; however, their knowledge based on the model of seminal creation influences the phenomena and creation of other beings in the world. Moreover, according to Augustine's belief which has its origin in Christianity, although angels are of influence in the life and guidance of humankind in some way they still do not have the stature for mediation of prosperity and happiness and it is only the Jesus Christ who is competent enough for such a mediation.


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