Principle of Analogically Graded Unity of Existence; A Philosophic-Mystical Foundation in Environmental Ethics

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.



In the current essay we have explained the philosophic-mystical principle of analogical unity of existence as a theory that offers a solution for overcoming this critical situation. The existing capacity in this principle is in a form that can be raised as a new theory for resolving the environmental crisis. This essay is composed of two parts: first part has dealt with the evaluation of the theories of environmental ethics and the causes of these crises. Second part has turned to the study and explanation of the principle of analogical unity of existence and its quality of application in resolving the environmental crises. Among the results of the current research one can refer to the fact that based on this principle we can ground the theory of "environmental spirituality". The theory of environmental spirituality has introduced the nature as a sacred being that contains all divine perfections like living, perceiving and rational. Moreover, it has been proven that for prevention from environmental crises instead of adoption of "ethics-centered" laws we need to adopt "spirituality-centered" laws. The method used in this essay is descriptive-analytic and the discussion is based on arguments.