The Concept of God as Light according to Imamiyyah Exegetes

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty member of Persian Gulf university, Bushehr, Iran.

2 Tehran University


There are various aspects to the matter of God as light and, therefore, it is difficult to explain Qurʾanic verses in this regard. In verse 24:35 of the Qurʾan, God is equated to light. This verse numbers among the difficult verses of the Qurʾan due to the delicacy and subtlety of the topic, the supra-rationality of God, and the fact that the Qurʾanic verse is mutashābih. Light is a creation of God so how is it possible for God to compare Himself to a creation? This question has sparked a variety of explanations for this verse. The continuing development of ideas concerning this verse as well as explications for the comparison of God to light establish the necessity for examining this issue in greater detail. The present study examines and evaluates the historical evolution of Imamiyyah approaches to the topic. It also provides a comprehensive theory inclusive of previous views and in keeping with context, exegetical narratives, and the meaning of light.